Men Rings

14 Feb

Men Rings

It is not a new phenomenon for men to be wearing rings. Since earlier times, have been wearing wedding bands and others were worn for practical purposes. For example, a ring worn on the thumb serves the purpose of an identifier for physicians and as protection for the finger when shooting arrows.

Noblemen and Royalty wore signet rings to serve as their official seal for correspondence and to identify their family. The ring was dipped in hot wax and then pressed to the documents. In more modern times, the ring styles for males are becoming less about utility and more fashionable.

Men Rings: Trends and Styles

The exchanging of class rings tradition among teens is an improvement upon the promise ring for guys and girls. Indeed, there are promise rings for men. It is the same concept the girl is vowing to her beau her love and pledging that they will be together in the future. Typically this ring is simple and inexpensive, generally a simple band of silver or gold with the chosen name(S) engraved on it.

Modern women are not only giving promise rings, they are now proposing. They get tired of waiting on their men because they are taking too long to get down on one knee. It is now a popular practice for the women to buy their men engagement rings and proposing to their lovers. It doesn’t stop there some of these rings come with the matching wedding band.

The men who have think fingers, the men rings that fit these finger types are the chunky square styles. Often these pieces have gemstones such as diamond and onyx or a sapphire star in the middle maybe. Masonic men rings may also be very ornate, with diamonds, colour and symbols.

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New Interesting materials for Men Rings

Some interesting materials are being used to make Men’s rings these days. The might sound like a car, but a ring tungsten carbide is actually a famous accessory for guys. Men’s fashion pieces and also wedding rings are being designed from this exceptionally durable metal.

This material just oozes masculinity when it is polished which makes it a dark smoky grey band. For guys who work hard with their hands Tungsten is a great metal since it doesn’t dent or scratch. Also it is famous for keeping its finish.

Titanium is another metal that has developed in the market for jewellery. This metal makes jewellery that is of similar greyish shade to the platinum. Even though it produces an attractive ring, when compared to tungsten it is not quite as durable.

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14 Feb

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